Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oldie = Goodie

Like everyone I have some interesting relatives. Family gatherings are best spent listening to the same stories for the umpteenth time. A lot of the tales revolve around how my Dad and his brother and friends tried to give my Grandma a heart attack...there was the time Dad drove his friend's motorcycle off a cliff...or the time Grandma had to pick him up at a party because he had (temporarily) blinded himself. My sister and I can recite these chronicles word-for-word if called upon, but they're better told by the people that lived them. Besides, we'd rather listen anyway.

Of course you've figured my Grandma never waivered. She's a strong, tough woman of her generation. Her experiences prepared her for life as a mother of crazies, and I'm sure my Dad prepared her for a stint as a California parole officer. There was the one time a disgruntled parolee said he was going to come into the office and blow everyone away, so the entire office decided to start packing. Packing heat, that is. Grandma bought a snub-nose .38 special. Thankfully she never had to use it.

Recently, my Grandma gifted me her pistol, and now I own one of the props that we've been hearing about since I can remember. I was amazed when I first saw it. She still had the original box with manual, and inside she kept the check she wrote for $70 back on Oct 1, 1970. It's in near mint condition, and although it's no collector's piece, it's not for sale.


Scampwalker said...

Good story and nice gun. Do you plan on shooting it? It'd make a nice concealed carry gun.

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Jon Uhart said...

Already popped off a couple rounds at an unlucky (empty) jug of windshield wiper fluid. This gun (maybe it's me?) is much more accurate than the last snub-nose I fired. We'll have to talk about taking the CC class, talked to the guys at the Olathe Gun Shop and it runs about $200 all in (class and registration).

mdmnm said...

Wow, that Undercover is nearly pristine!

Good luck with the CC class.