Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just a few pics from the last two weekends.

Odd looking snow.

Doc originally found a large late-season covey that tried to run out from under his point. Here he is on a single.

Ike backs...

The bird was dug in under some grass and flushed low into the wheat stubble. I had a clean shot and winged the bird. Both dogs raced in to scoop up the cripple and they clobbered eachother pretty well; I couldn't help but laugh.

The following Saturday I finished up the season much like I started it; hunting with Ted. We hit some old haunts and found the quail coveys to be in great shape going into the spring; we'll keep our fingers crossed for a mild February.

Here's Dottie on a single.

Later in the day Wes and Doc met up with us. While I think bird numbers in Kansas were generally down compared to the 5-year average, the more experienced dogs found more, and handled birds better than last year. It was good season.