Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Other Kansas Hunting Dogs

Wes and I came across this interesting rig and motley pack of hounds at a gas station in the dark hours before legal shooting time.  I've seen vehicles like this on country roads a few times here and there.  From what I can gather when the driver spots a yote' he pulls a rope or chain run to the cab via a pulley system.  This releases the door and the dogs charge into action.  The greyhounds are the chase dogs that close the distance and surround the coyote, and the wolfhounds move in for the kill.


mdmnm said...

Steve Bodio has some good accounts of such hunts in New Mexico in his book "Querencia".

Jon Uhart said...

I've been checking out his blog and he seems to be into some really wild stuff...thanks for the note.

Eric said...

Running yotes with hounds would be pretty cool!