Friday, October 30, 2009


"Got the call this morning. He is skinny and dehydrated but is being taken care of by the farmer that found him." - JD

Folsom was found in the farmstead where we originally lost him, next to a massive collection of round hay bales. The farmer called his name and he ran right over. He was skinny and very dehydrated as you would expect after being missing for 10 days. His neck was raw from wearing an e-collar all this time, and he was limping a bit. He ate like a pig and drank water, too. I wonder if he was in those bales for all that time? Temperatures were getting down below freezing at night and they had some snow as well. JD left from eastern Idaho the same day he found out and picked him up that evening. He said Folsom was happy to see him. A vet said it's possible he has a torn ACL, can't tell because of swelling, but he's young and healthy and will likely make a full recovery. JD's lab, Ruby, is also recovering from her surgery, which went well, but it's crucial that she not suffer any setbacks during this delicate time. I am constantly surprised at how tough dogs are.


Mike Spies said...

This is excellent news! I lost one for 3-1/2 days once, and know how it is to be wondering if your dog is alive and will he be found and recovered.

Good news indeed.

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

I looked at Folsom the other day...he's on the amend!